Mt Wellington Gym & Fitness Centre

Our Mt Wellington Gym offers a brand new quality fitness gym and group fitness classes for members living or working in Mt Wellington. As a member of Hilton Brown Fitness Centre, you will receive a free induction, personalised training programme, and follow up support through our all inclusive regular fitness assessments and programme updates. At Hilton Brown Fitness, we guarantee to assist you to stay on track in order to achieve your goals.

Membership includes:

  • Group fitness classes - Spin, Yoga, Cross Fit, Cardio Core, Total Tone, Impact, Absolute Abs
  • First Assessment -
  •       medical pre-screen questionnaire
  •       resting heart rate
  •       blood pressure
  •       girth measurement
  •       body composition %
  •       determine goals and objectives
  •       discussion of relevant injuries
  •       write personalised programme to be shown at a later date
  • Ongoing asessements - 6 weekly
  • Access to an indoor heated 20 metre pool
  • Quarterly E newsletter
  • Facebook motivational/inspirational tips
  • Super circuit available - Sat/Sun
  • Nutritional guidance
  • Fully qualified experienced instructors onsite
  • Health/Fitness Nutrition & Wellbeing presentations throughout the year 

Membership options / Promotions


Hilton Brown Macro Fitness 

A complete food and fitness journey for a better you

Change the way you look and feel by addressing the way you eat and exercise.  Macro Fitness will guide, educate and empower you through personal training that includes nutrition, workouts and ongoing monitoring. 

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