Mt Wellington Gym & Fitness Centre

Our Mt Wellington Gym offers a brand new quality fitness gym for members living or working in Mt Wellington. As a member of Hilton Brown Fitness Centre, you will receive a free induction, personalised training programme, and follow up support through our all inclusive regular fitness assessments and programme updates. At Hilton Brown Fitness, we guarantee to assist you to stay on track in order to achieve your goals.

Thinking of Joining our Mt Wellington gym?

You will receive a programme tailored to you, a free induction, and constantly follow you up withy support through our regular assessments and programme updates which are all included in your membership! At My Wellington Hilton Brown Fitness, we give you our 100% guarantee that we will be there to assist you to stay on track to achieve your goals!

Benefits of Exercising at Mt Wellington gym and Hilton Brown Fitness Centre

  1. Promotes a healthy pattern of sleeping
  2. You will receive a boost in your energy levels
  3. You will help with your weight loss/increase your body's metabolic rate
  4. The risk of heart disease, anxiety, depression, diabetes, hypertension, mental illness and breast cancer will decrease
  5. Your work experience and recreation will be enhanced and your sport performance will increase
  6. Our industry leading swim staff will help with you our cross train & pool facilities


Membership options / Promotions